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Zhuangzi Essay

  • Submitted by: freddyadu02
  • on March 24, 2014
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Out of all of the philosophers we have learned about, I have concluded that I would most like to be Zhuangzi. Zhuangzi was born in a village called Meng. He lived in the Warring States Period between 403-220 BCE. During the Warring States Period, many schools of thought fought for conceptual authority on returning states to harmony. Zhuangzi was an example of one of these schools of thought as he provided ideas to bring harmony between the states.
Why not Confucius? I did not pick Confucius because of his persistent insistence on ritual. He believed that traditions that were passed down from ancestors were extremely important to the life of each individual. These rituals often included persistent prayer and even sacrifice.   He was also extremely strong on politics and believed that as a ruler they must be held to a higher respect. Rulers during this time period often were held to a lower standard and could abuse their powers. I agree with filial piety but I don’t agree with his belief on extreme filial piety to the decease, which corresponds with his rituals to the deceased. Confucius also believed in a strong music background in society. He believed “music created a pleasure that human nature couldn’t live without.”
I personally wrote my paper on Mozi, so I initially knew I would not want to be Mozi. I don’t agree with several of Mozi’s philosophies. He believes in impartial love, which I think is not only insane, but unrealistic as well. It is impossible to love a stranger and treat them the same as someone you love as a family member. Also, Mozi lived an extreme life living off of a minimal amount of food, water, and living conditions. I would not have wanted to live a life this way, especially during the Warring States Period. Mozi also believed in an individual God for each person, which I spiritually don’t agree with and would have a hard time convincing others of this. He also believed in a population growth was necessary for a success of a state, which...

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