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Zaroff Character Analysis Essay

  • Submitted by: crossgrove3
  • on September 2, 2013
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Stroke Effects Paper

Research Question:
What are some side effects from a stroke?

Review of Literature:
Strokes are the third leading cause of death in the United States. Every 40 seconds someone has a stroke, and about every 4 minutes someone dies from a stroke. Approximately 750,000 people per year in the United States suffer a stroke of some type. About 600,000 of these are first or new strokes and about 150,000 who survive a stroke will more than likely have another one. There are many different side effects that people can suffer due to a stroke. Depending on how severe the stroke is and what part of the brain the stroke occurs in will determine the effects that a person might suffer. However, there are some common side effects that people will have no matter the location or the severity of the stroke.
According to Attar (2011), there are several arteries that stokes can occur in. A stroke occurs when part of the brain doesn’t get the blood it needs to function. There are two types of strokes. Ischemic is the most common. This happens when blood is blocked from getting to the brain. This often happens because an artery is clogged with fatty deposits or a blood clot. The other one is a hemorrhagic stroke. This happens when a blood vessel in the brain bursts and blood bleeds into the brain. About 85% of all strokes are ischemic and 15% of strokes are hemorrhagic. If the middle cerebral artery is affected it could cause problems in speech, swallowing, reading, writing, and physical weakness on one side of the body. The internal carotid artery if affected could cause headaches, paralysis, blurry vision, speech problems, and facial dropping of mouth or eyelids. The anterior cerebral artery could cause confusion, weakness, and numbness on affected side of the body. If the vertebral or basilar artery is affected possible effects could be mouth numbness, dizziness, weakness on one side of the body, vision changes, and amnesia. Finally, if the posterior...

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