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Youth in Conflict Essay

  • Submitted by: saphiremartin
  • on March 25, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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My name is Matthew I am 15 years old. I think I weigh about 170lbs. I am 5’6”I live with my mom because it is better with my mom. She is more stable but I just wish she wasn’t so damn strict. That is why we fight and I end up at my father’s house. My father and I get along, he gives me freedom, treats me like an adult. Heck sometimes we even party together. I don’t do drugs but I do smoke weed. That’s not really a drug. I’ve heard weed is pretty natural, it’s just a plant really… right? Yes I do drink not often just on weekends. I don’t smoke weed that much maybe every other day. I know that sounds like a bit but I am not dependent on it or anything, I can stop. I do go to school, but I don’t like school cause of the teachers I have. I never get good ones, always the losers. I mean like you can’t talk to them and they are so rigid. So forget school for now. Currently I am in Grade 10, I have 3 credits but I can make that up. I know school is important but I can get by. My dad does. He works odd jobs under the table and gets money from the government. Oh my mom she works at Dairy Queen. She is also doing some kind of hair dressing course… I think.
I have a girlfriend we have been together for a long time, like a year, or so. No almost 2. Man that’s long, she is it for me. We love each other. I think she might be pregnant I am not sure. It doesn’t matter anyway, we are going to be together forever.
No I am not on any medication. I have a step brother, he’s 8, you guys should get ready cause he is coming soon. He is bad yo. He takes medication for his behaviour. He is one of the big reasons I don’t live with my dad. My brother Matt is just so frustrating I can’t be around him. The other reason is cause my father hangs out with this guy, and I have told my father that he has tried to do a couple of things to me, like sexual stuff. I fought him once, but I am afraid I will kill him. I did tell my father, but he doesn’t believe me, and that is one of the reasons my...

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