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Your Tag on Life Essay

  • Submitted by: inspirationc
  • on June 23, 2014
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Ultimate Medical Academy-Professor Sharon Anton |
Your Tag On   Life |
BC 1030x |
Teresa Widla |
6/19/2014 |

What is your tag on life-positive or negative? We don’t have to mark ourselves down.   We can get the best value, by thinking about what we are thinking.   Our thinking has an impact.   I will tell you the impact our thinking has on our outlook, and how building our belief system can be the best bargain. |

Looking inward to your heart, examine what you are thinking; you will see a breath of outlooks that fills your life with messages.   Have you checked the price you pay for being positive?   Or do you mark yourself down by having negative messages?   What impact are you making?   I am going to focus on the impact we have on ourselves, our outlook, and look at how building our belief system tags us by being positive or negative.   Take notice of what we are watching and listening to, it makes an impact of what is perceived.
Do you gravitate toward certain people and things that align with our beliefs and values?   This is our learning environment called life.   We don’t shop for it, our past experiences does not have to define who we are and we don’t have a price to pay to stay in it,   It would be best to clear our minds.   We don’t have to mark ourselves down.
How do others relate to us?   The key to maintaining inspiration is the messages we give ourselves.   Positive messages create positive images that we visualize with fond memories. If we expose ourselves to fresh ideas, we can turn things around and make a lasting impact. Keep affirmation daily before you.   Some of the things you can do that makes an impact are repeating them.   That is the vital key to maintaining a positive attitude.
Online on pininterest.com you will find some sayings and quotes that you can carry with you.   There was a saying by Johnny Depp pinned by LsShonda Brundidge.   It goes like this, “You can close your eyes to the things you don’t want to see but you can’t...

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