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You Just Got Catfished & the Prevalence of Rape Essay

  • Submitted by: adrianastorga26
  • on September 1, 2013
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Below is an essay on "You Just Got Catfished & the Prevalence of Rape" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Kyle Villas & Jay Mendoza TFCA1 CORWRIT
You just got catfished!
Recently, Miriam-Webster added a new definition to the term catfish. Nev Schulman a documentarist, made a viral movie about his online romance with a woman he met online. Much to his dismay the woman wasn’t the person he was expecting, he was heartbroken. However, his documentary touched the lives of others. And soon, he received thousands of emails about how his fans related to his story. So now, working with MTV he journeys around USA to pursue theses online romances and see if they are real or not. Nev even coined the word for people who use fake internet profiles-- catfish.
Given this, it begs the question, why? Several studies have found five reasons why people resort to catfish in the first place.
A person might be pushed to making a fake personality due to a grudge or perhaps jealousy with someone. The goal here is to either to seduce the guy with revealing and steamy pictures, the guy leaves his current partner and settles with the catfish. Obviously catfishing can ruin relationships.
In a judgmental world, coming out as a gay person is hard. Peers can reject you if you do, causing you to lose friends. Making fake profiles creates avenues for a person to become the person that they want to be. This gives catfishes self-actualization, and that having a online romance with the same sex creates a false sense of belonging, acceptance, and to a greater extent, love.
Addicted to attention
All catfishes are attention-seekers. Most female catfishes pose as models posting pictures that receive likes on faceook. To them, every like they receive means that somewhere out there people have noticed their beauty. They want to feel that people go heads over heels for them.
Sexual identity anxiety
A rare cause of catfishing is that some don’t even know what they like! They are having trouble identifying whether they are straight or   gay. Take note that catfishes,...

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