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Yes On School Uniforms Essay

  • Submitted by: sarairene
  • on March 18, 2012
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What Should I Wear Today?
In this day and age, school age children are more concerned with material belongings and the next fashion fad, rather than the importance of schooling and education. They are so focused on what they wear, as well as what their peers wear. School these days is not just school anymore; it has become a fashion show. Students want to be wearing the most expensive jeans, shoes, and shirts. At my high school, students were always dressed their best, only to be at school for a mere six hours. This fact is baffling because students go to school simply to learn. Students should not be worried about what they look like, and especially should not be concerned with how their peers look. More public schools should begin to enforce uniform policies to solve this problem. If everyone is dressed exactly the same, they have no reason to judge their fellow students on their appearance. Uniforms would solve multiple problems within public school systems, and the idea should be given a second thought.
As stated above, uniforms would take the focus away from appearances, and turn it to education. When everyone is dressed the same, there is no reason for students to look down upon or judge one another. An article in Education and Urban Society, states that, “some educators report students are so fixated on what they and their classmates are wearing that they spend insufficient time focused on their schoolwork.” (Stafford and Wade) Uniforms would create a sense of equality among the students as well. Children from lower income families who cannot afford nice or expensive clothes could be viewed the same way as a child whose family can afford to buy expensive belongings. This sense of equality would in turn make the students more comfortable being at school, because no one is there to judge them based on what clothes they wear. This feeling of equality makes the school environment happy and positive, and students might actually look forward to attending...

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