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Yes Man Essay

  • Submitted by: aaronlouie
  • on August 28, 2013
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English 11H P.2
12 March 11, 2013
10 Step
  1. The tide rises throughout the day and will fall during the night due to the push and pull of the moon. It could also mean that a new tide comes with each new day as if each day, a new challenge is presented.
  2. I have read the poem three times.
  3. The poem begins with a description of the sea and beach. It then speaks of a traveler who walks towards town along the beach. The rising tide washes away his footprints. Once the traveler arrived to the town, he did not want to return to the shore.
  4. The speaker is probably an older man. This poem is directed to anyone who reads it, but mostly to growing children. The narrator understands how near is death is. And how it compares to the disappearing footprints.
  5. Repetition is used when saying the line “the tide rises, the tide falls” located at the beginning and end of each stanza. The disappearance of the traveler’s footprints reveals the traveler as somebody that doesn’t look back at the past, focusing on what there is to come.
  6. The connotation of the poem depict   the opportunity of having new ventures every day he lives. The author reveals the simplicity of a carefree life and how acceptance of the past is important.
  7. The tone is knowledgeable and reflective. The narrator sees life similar to the tides of the ocean. When footprints are left in the sand, the tide comes in and reveals a clean new slate for the following day. He has found the essence of a simple lifestyle.
  8. There are many commas and semicolons in the poem. The punctuation when read out loud, sounds like a religious leader spreading wisdom to his listeners. Knowledgeable people talk slow to ensure that others understand.
  9. The title probably also means that with each new day comes new opportunities.
  10. Life is impermanent and offers new opportunities to experience with
  12. each day.

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