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Wuthering Heights Essay

  • Submitted by: maria1978
  • on August 28, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Wuthering Heights" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The following essay, based on ‘Wuthering Heights’ one of the most exceptional pieces of work in the history of the English   Literature, tries to depict some universal aspects found in any classic. The masterpiece novel was written by Emily Bronte between October 1845 and June 1846. Thought to be a romantic novel, as the one of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, this piece of work differs far from that one in the way that this story is one of revenge. Set in the moors of northern England, it tells the story of Heathcliff, a mysterious gipsy-like person. He was raised by a family and then, after his foster father´s death, he was made to be a servant by his half- brother Hindley, who, from the very beginning showed true hate towards him. He decided to run away when his true love and companion Catherine decided to marry another. After many years had passed, he returned as a rich and cultivated man to revenge his proud on the two families that he believed ruined his life. Emily Bronte´s Wuthering Heights is based partly on the Gothic tradition of the late eighteenth century, a style of literature that featured supernatural encounters, crumbling ruins, moonless nights, and grotesque imagery, seeking to create effects of mystery and fear. What is more, the author manages to portray how destructive a love can turn into and how the clash between people of two dissimilar social classes may affect that love to the extent of destroying it.
Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw are among the most famous fictional couples of all time. They seemed to get along immediately after they had met. They had many things in common and shared a lot of things together. Although Catherine and Heathcliff’s passion for one another is stronger and more lasting and purer than any other sentiment depicted in the story, it is considered one of the major conflicts in the plot. They are both condemned as immoral. (...)”as the sinner of the sin that no Christian need pardon”(…)(chapter 3, page 20)....

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