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Writting An Essay

  • Submitted by: amiller42
  • on March 18, 2012
  • Category: English
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Writing an essay requires many different aspects. Almost like the pieces of a puzzle the come together to make a beautiful picture but instead you end up with an essay. Every essay has a beginning, middle, and end.
I start off by looking at my prompt. First I read my prompt in its entirety. Next I grab a highlighter and only highlight the parts where it says exactly what needs to be in the paper, taking out an extra words the prompt may have that could be confusing. After I know exactly what my prompt is telling me to do I make a set of questions that will correspond to the prompt and once the answers are complete will answer the prompt. After I construct my questions and answers I narrow down my topic of my essay, what the essay will be about. The next step is research. The research part of the essay is the most important part, because if the essay is based on faulty information the essay is not valid and rendered useless. While doing research one must be an active reader. Being an active reader requires a lot different strategies. As one reads they need to be alert and recognize all of the key parts of each paragraph. As you go along, keep a journal at side jotting down ideas that come out while reading. You should also preview what you read before you dive in to reading it in its entirety. All the notes you keep will later be used in the construct of your essay.
After the research portion of the essay I begin with the introduction, which is the second most important part of the essay with the conclusion falling shortly behind, because if you do not have a good introduction the reader will not be drawn in and will never read the rest of your essay. The Attention getter is what draws your reader in. When choosing my attention getter is give myself a set of options. Usually when all else fails I begin with a question. After I have my attention getter I then begin my thesis. My thesis is a preview of my essay. Everything I go over in my thesis statement needs to...

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