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Written Task Equus Essay

  • Submitted by: derekdirks
  • on June 21, 2014
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This written task is a letter from Alan to Dalton. I chose to be Alan because I wanted to tell his story. The reason why I didn’t chose Dysart is because Dysart sees it more as a gift and that is not how Alan sees it and neither do I. I chose to write to Dalton, because it would be the right person to tell Alan’s story, since it happened in his stables.
I tried to be Alan as much as possible, meaning using his language, the way he talks, etc. You can see this is in the text when there are these … which means that there is a pause. With this I tried to copy Alan’s way of talking, because in the play he using lots of pauses and it also shows that he still has difficulties with talking about his problems.
I also used references to the play and explained those, such as the scene in the stables and why he stabbed out the horses’ eyes, in this way it looks more that Alan wrote it instead of someone who saw the whole thing but didn’t know why it happened.
I used the normal structure of a letter; an introduction stating why I wrote to Dalton, a conclusion with a greeting, etc.
Word count 215
Alan Strang Mr Dalton
Fictitious Lane 4 Imaginary Road 99
Suffolk Suffolk
Great Britain Great Britain
Suffolk, 9 March 2014
Dear Mr Dalton,
It has now been nearly a year since the accident, and I still have trouble writing this letter to you. I can’t tell you how sorry I am for the deeds that I have done… But I have gathered my courage to write this letter to you, and to tell you why I did what I have done. Since I don’t know what you have heard from Jill, the police, or anyone else, I would like to tell you what happened that night and why I did this.
      It started with Jill and me having a ‘date’ (as you could call it). We went were in Winchester ansd we had just seen a film and she didn’t want to go home yet. So she said she knew a fun place and that it was a surprise. And as you can guess it was your stable, and I...

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