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Write About How Fitzerald Tells Story In Chapter 7 Essay

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  • on March 19, 2012
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Write about How Fitzgerald tells the story in Chapter 7

In chapter 7 of ‘The Great Gatsby’ there are some key events on which are both prefigured from earlier on in the Novel and key incidents happen here on which are later developed in the next chapter. Fitzgerald in the Chapter chooses to use 2 characters to tell the story, one is Nick as we explore events through his chronological account and the other is a Young Greek named Michealis. This chapter is a crucial part to the Novel because if the event that occurred here didn’t happen then Wilson will have never murdered Gatsby and Tom will have never lost his Mistress Myrtle.

One of the most Significant events that happens in Chapter 7 is the death of Myrtle and Fitzgerald chooses to describe her corpse and death in a highly grotesque and sincere way. Fitzgerald decides to instead of predictably choosing Nick to narrate the shocking disaster we see he introduces us to a new Character named Michaelis who unfortunately was present at the time. Michealis is used to show the readers Nick’s ‘blind spots’ as Nick cannot always see everything and without the young witnesses view we are unable to read who and why Myrtle is killed.   From his eye witness point he saw they ‘it came out of the gathering darkness, wavered tragically for a moment, and then disappeared around the next bend’ this tells us that from the words ‘moment’ and ‘disappeared’ that whoever was driving the car (we know it was Gatsby and Daisy) didn’t intend to stop and help Myrtle as it suggests they just wanted to get away from the scene and not be spotted by anyone. When Wilson and Michaelis find Myrtle in the road they see that ‘her left breast was swinging loose like a flap, there was no need to listen for the heartbeat beneath.’ This tells us that due to the way Myrtle is presented to the men her body is so badly harmed that there is no possibility that she could have lived. Fitzgerald uses a metaphor here to describe that due to the woman...

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