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Worldviews Essay

  • Submitted by: rbaker125
  • on September 2, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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In this essay I will examine different worldviews on the role that man plays in nature. I will examine the Christian, African and western views. I will also explain why the Christian view is best suited for our current society.   In the current state that our world is in it is necessary to develop a sustainable relationship with nature. It is my belief that the Christian view can provide the basis for this. These three views all emphasize different aspects thus they are best suited to be contrasted.
I will demonstrate in this section how the Christian view is superior to the other views.The Christian idea of man’s relationship with nature seems to be based on the idea of the human person as a free and intelligent creature, called to help develop the created world. This is not to be confused with a possessionist view which belongs to a scientific and western view of humans and nature. The Bible lays out the fundamental moral principles of how to affront the ecological question. The human person, made in God's image, is superior to all other earthly creatures, which should in turn be used responsibly. This means that we should use our intelligence to overcome issues that threaten nature, whilst supporting ourselves and not taking too much from nature.
In most African religions, nature is emphasized to such a point that it becomes a “god” itself. Meaning, that some cultures worship nature as a mother or “giver”.   Another point of interest is that a lot of cultures seem friendly towards nature and are no- industrial. However these ideas do not mean that they hold high value to nature. It is simply the result of a belief system in which doing what is expected will lead to being rewarded. Thus actions taken are mostly for future personal gain and not due to a respect for nature. The Christian belief places man at the centre of nature where he is expected to do what is right regardless of reward or punishment.
The western view focuses more on what man is able to gain...

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