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World Wide Web Essay

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Web development:


That video you just watched is the most common use of the internet today. Youtube, Facebook and Google.

One question though, have you ever wondered…Why there always had a WWW? Infront of the names? We always have to type in WWW in the Web address to go to a site. The reason behind it is simple.

WWW stands for the World Wide Web. Many of you students know that, and many of the youth of today know that too.   We use it every day, and it’s single handily the most important part of education, lifestyle, government and social constitutions today. Besides North Korea, you can access the web, anywhere, and pretty much everywhere around the world.

The world wide web of today was possible due to the revolutionary advancement in technology, coding, and imagination of the human being. The World Wide Web also is the platform for companies, industrial enterprise and public domains. Somehow, the complicated wiring, server coding, and intense time taken, everything seems to work harmoniously as one. To us, everything works well, you can watch your youtube, check your facebook statutes, and chat with your friends. All that, wasn’t that easy to make. Let’s just take a brief look at the internet. The internet and the World Wide Web is different.

“The Internet is the term used to identify the massive interconnection of computer networks around the world” (Joan, 2009)

The computer networks download and upload data simultaneously which anyone can access. The concept of the internet came from ‘Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider’ or nicknamed ‘Lick’. He wrote memos regarding the ‘Intergalactic Concept’, where everyone on the earth is interconnected with each other and can access programs and data at any site from anywhere (Computer History Museum , 2004).

The internet is a medium of the World Wide Web.

“The World Wide Web is simply another application that runs on top of the internet” (Joan, 2009)

“The web was originally conceived and...

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