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World War 2 Essay

  • Submitted by: saidred92
  • on June 25, 2014
  • Category: History
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Halfway through the war the Allies were gaining momentum in their fight against the Axis powers. This is why I would predict the U.S and the Allies winning this war. For the following reasons; The U.S gained a major foothold against the Japanese in June 1943. The Japanese ordered the evacuation of their last strongpoint in the Western Hemisphere at the Kiska islands in Aleutians.   Also the Americans were having a successful run with island hoping in the Southwest Pacific. Another major reason why the Allies seemed destined to win was Operation Cartwheel. Operation Cartwheel was a major military operation led by the Allies in the Pacific. Its aim was to neutralize a major Japanese military base in Rabaul. In other parts of the world the Axis powers also were facing harrowing defeats. Like the one sustained in Stalingrad, on January 31st, 1943 were over 90,000 German troops surrendered to the Russians. This was a major turning point for Hitler’s Germany. Another place where the Axis powers felt defeat was in North Africa were on May, 12th 1943 all remaining Axis forces surrendered. Some 275,000 Germans and Italians surrendered on the Cape Bon peninsula. This showed the fading hand of the Germans in Africa, it also showed that the Germans were spread thin, which could give way to more allied victories across Africa. The war itself seemed to be heading to a defeat of the Axis. At that time it seemed that the German Allies namely Italy and Japan were losing ground by the day.   All that seemed to prop them up was the Germans. My prediction would be a large invasion of Italy followed by a defeat of the Japanese in the Pacific then an overall fall of the Axis power.   This could happen with in 6-12 months.

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