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World War 1 Essay

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  • on August 29, 2013
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World War I Essay
Following the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of the Austria-Hungary Empire, Europe was quickly engulfed into a war. Although the United States wanted to remain neutral several incidents forced the country to join the war to aid the Allied war effort. This involvement in the war impacted the U.S in a large way particularly in Civil Liberties of all Americans and the lives of many women and African American that was a result from the acts passed during the war, the increase of women in the workplace, and opportunities for African Americans to receive work in the North. Acts passed during the war by the United States violated citizens’ rights as these rights may be “suspended” during wartime. Due to the amount of men leaving their jobs in order to fight many women took their place. This allowed women to grow more independent due to the fact they are out of the house. The demand for workers also altered the lives of many African Americans as many left the sharecropper system for the potential to get jobs in the north.
During the war paranoia increased amongst the people of the United States and the results were two acts that limited liberties citizens are entitled to in the United States. The Espionage Act (1917) sought to persecute “spies”. This Act led to 1,900 persecutions including Eugene V. Debs of the socialist movement and also William Haywood of the Industrial Workers of the World. The second act was the Sedition Act (1918) that sought to persecute any person engaging in “seditious” activity, meaning they may be inciting people to rebel. These acts were in direct violation of rights guaranteed by the 1st amendment. Presidential pardons were later given to those persecuted because of the two acts.
Due to the war, the demand for factory workers increased as more and more men were being sent off to war. Women stepped up in order to fill the need for workers. This helped to strengthen the cause for women’s suffrage. As more and more...

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