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World Trade Organization Essay

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WTO also known as the World Trade Organization is a worldwide and the only global international organization that deals with rules of trades between the nations. What the WTO basically does is, it overlooks the parliaments, agreements, who and what is being negotiated, and makes sure the trade is done legally and properly. Members of the government run the WTO, the members discuss within each other, but the decision is made by a whole which either the minister or the ambassador decides.
The World Trade Organization’s agreements cover goods, services, and property. WTO does trade with individual countries that give them commitments to lower tariffs and ongoing service markets. The agreements WTO makes is not a set agreement, they can be negotiated. The whole point that WTO comes across is lowering tariffs and taxes on foreign trade. WTO is trying to create balance within the countries trading. It helps all the countries build a strong relationship with each other and similar products and goods they have in common and that would gain from.
Not some but many people think trading with poor countries does not benefit the poor countries and they are there just the be used. This is not correct; in fact WTO boosts economic growth and help the countries develop for the better. If poor countries do want to pull back from this, then it would just have negative impact on them. Lets say country “A” produces more efficient and faster computers then another country “B”, Then why would “A” want to do trade with “B”? This is where the World Trade Organization falls in. Within the countries agreements they can compromise and discuss on how both ways of the trade can go smooth. People misunderstand and think that the weaker countries are forced to be a part of the WTO, but it is a choice made by them to join or not.  
A lot of people and maybe even us hear bad rumors about the World Trade Organization on how they just benefit themselves, they tell the government what to...

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