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World Literature of the 16th Century Essay

  • Submitted by: Mitchbrown1
  • on February 27, 2014
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Mitchell Brown
Dr. Goldman
English 1040-001
February 18 2014
Heroes in the Odyssey
A hero in today’s society is defined as someone who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities. Some examples of heroes in today’s society are soldiers, philanthropists, Nobel or Pulitzer prize winners, and the list goes on and on, but in the ancient Greek/Trojan society a hero was defined in a much different way. A hero in that culture was someone who was born of royalty or someone like Odysseus who was half mortal, half man, someone who performed extraordinary facts, a noble character who is close to perfectly ideal but for a fatal flaw, must a physical specimen, his death must of occurred in unusual way and the most important factor of all is that he fights for his own honor and his deeds belong and memorized to their community after their death. Examples of this can be the hero of the Iliad, Achilles and the hero in the Odyssey is Odysseus. The argument of this can be where Odysseus fits in the Greek society and is he an ideal Greek hero?
With all great heroes they don’t solidify themselves as a hero instantly, they must have done something heroic, exemplify the traits of a typical hero or have gone through a long perilous journey in order to solidify themselves as a “hero” in the eyes of themselves and in the eyes of their peers. For Odysseus himself, He was an ideal hero in both the physical and the spiritual sense. In the physical sense he is a great hero, because he overcomes all these extreme dangers; he comes out alive after wondering for ten years and facing the most extremely dangerous creatures and people. In order to put it more simply, if Odysseus was not one of the greatest heroes, he would not be able to accomplish this voyage. In the spiritual sense Odysseus is a hero, because he remains faithful and loyal to his wife and household. Odysseus defies immortality twice in his journey; he embraces his mortality and that is what gives him the strength...

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