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World Cities Essay

  • Submitted by: aehamrahma
  • on September 1, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Essay of World Cities
World cities carry out their distinctive role so effectively that they attract an even greater role from banks, finance companies and TNC’s, and hence elevate their status as world cities even further.
The role of these world cities can be divided into both financial and cultural roles. Finance has become a major role of world cites as so many resources are allocated towards such an area in world. One major claim to high financial status in world cities has been the attraction of transnational corporations (TNC’s). Transnational corporations the three major cities stand out above all other cities as being the location for the majority of the world’s TNC’s. For example, Tokyo is the leader with 80 TNC’s. London follows with 63 and finally New York with 58. Another role of world cities is in market exchange such as stock markets World cities hold the infrastructure to accommodate such forms of finance. For example New York is renowned for Wall Street, which is a recognised leader in the world stock market. World cities also hold a cultural role, which enables them to stand out above other world cities, attract a large number of tourists and add a distinctive character to such a world city.   Such areas of culture character in world cities include
Entertainment enables visitors or the population to escape the many functions of world cities in an effort to relax or provide an enjoyable time for those within the city.
World cities are also areas of major importance in leisure activities such as shopping and fashion. World cities often lead the world through fashion and the selling of exclusive items. Such areas include 13th Avenue in New York.
World cities also operate in a system of global networks, within and between world cities. Many of the daily functions of the three recognised world cities, New York, London and Tokyo, occur through contact with other.
Global networks are the connections that world cities have within and between...

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