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Workplace Motivation Essay

  • Submitted by: cedenoas
  • on August 31, 2013
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Workplace Motivation
Arquímedes Cedeño
April 10, 2013
Professor: P. Edvrard Pharel

Workplace Motivation
Motivation inspires individuals to do something, or to behave in a certain way with the intention of gaining personal satisfaction.   “It involves the biological, emotional, social, and cognitive forces that activate behavior” (Cherry, 2013).   For many individuals finding enjoyment and pleasure out of doing something is perceived as intrinsic motivation, whereas having a reward or unrelated drive to perform a task can be deemed as extrinsic motivation.   What continually challenges motivational theorists is the reason why people are motivated to carry out different tasks.   This also leads to understanding what motivational strategies can lure us as individuals to be more productive in the workforce, and maintain a willingness to reach certain goals personally and professionally.  
Defining motivation can be complex; our individuality forms the basis for decision-making.   Some understand simple terms of “right and wrong”, but motivating someone to do something within a work environment can be puzzling.   Most people do their job because they have to, the money is financially rewarding, the benefits are needed for the family, etc.   There may be very few individuals that gain pleasure or enjoyment in their career, but it does exist.   There are multiple reasons that individuals adhere to the set of guidelines they are required to acknowledge on a daily basis.   Varying motivational strategies can help individuals to not feel as if they “have to” do the job, rather they work as methods to stimulate a sense of action that may produce a better attitude and determination towards achieving the objectives in place.
I work for Universal Insurance Company and the motivational strategies currently incorporated are employee engagement, empowering employees, and reward systems.   These are the key motivational strategies to help build employee morale, harbor...

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