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Working Capital Essay

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Project Report - Working Capital Management

WORKING CAPITAL - Meaning of Working Capital

Working capital management or current asset management is one of the most important aspects of overall financial management in an enterprise. It is basically concerned with the management of current assets and current liabilities and inter relationship between them

Working capital is the amount of funds needed by an enterprise to finance its day to day operation. It is the part of capital employed in short-term operation such as raw materials, semi finished products, sundry debtors.

Capital required for a business can be classified under two main categories via,

1)     Fixed Capital

2)     Working Capital

1)   Fixed Capital:-
      Every business needs funds for two purposes for its establishment and to carry out its day- to-day operations. Long terms funds are required to create production facilities through purchase of fixed assets such as p&m, land, building, furniture, etc. Investments in these assets represent that part of firm’s capital which is blocked on permanent or fixed basis and is called fixed capital. Funds are also needed for short-term purposes for the purchase of raw material, payment of wages and other day – to- day expenses etc.

2)   Working Capital:-
                        These funds are known as working capital. In simple words, working capital refers to that part of the firm’s capital which is required for financing short- term or current assets such as cash, marketable securities, debtors & inventories. Funds, thus, invested in current assts keep revolving fast and are being constantly converted in to cash and this cash flows out again in exchange for other current assets. Hence, it is also known as revolving or circulating capital or short term capital.

There are two concepts of working capital:

1.     Gross working capital

2.     Net working...

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