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Work Essay

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  • on March 27, 2014
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Changing World of Work- Increasing Workloads
Arnold, Randall et al (2010) identifies a number of changes in the world of work and their implications for work psychology, one of these trends was that workloads have been increasing for people in work. Our group chose to research this trend as we recognized this problem in our own lives, we also felt that it has a big impact and that it is an interesting subject. Research has also shown that the day-to-day effects of workload may have long-term consequences for health and well-being (De Pater, Dimotakis, and Ilies, 2010).
Sankey (2003) stated that increasing workloads and ineffective time management are contributing to high stress levels in the workplace and this trend is likely to continue. Arnold, Randall et al (2010) also identified a number of implications that this trend has had for work psychology and these include stress and pressure at work, burnout and mental health, balance between work and other aspects of life, effects of workload on thinking and behaviour. Employees in many organizations have reported that they often have to work 10-, 12-, or even 14-hour days just to get by, without any added compensation (Sankey 2003). Sankey (2003) also stated that sometimes employers have unrealistic expectations, and may expect the work to get done even when half the department has been eliminated.   According to McLean (2006) research shows that employees who are overworked or worried about their job security are four time more likely to take sick days that span several days, it also showed that such workers are more irritable and listless, have difficulty concentrating, and show signs of depression, anxiety, and bad physical health.
All of the participants the interviews noted that there had been an increase in workloads, however the significance of this increase varied, with those working fulltime having felt the biggest impact. Most of the...

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