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Word Ports Essay

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Module 1 (chapters 1-3) will enable you to learn about fundamental word structure including word roots, combining vowels, combining forms, prefixes and suffices. It will introduce areas pertaining to the human body terminology such as those used to describe locations on the body, major body cavities, cellular structure, genetics and body systems. With this acquired knowledge you will apply that knowledge to the human skeletal system.

In this module, you will be guided through individual lessons that correspond to chapters 1 through 3 in your textbook. Following this module, it is necessary to complete and submit assignment 1. Assignment one is located in the Assignments folder located on the left side of your desktop.


Text Reference: Chapter 1

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this lesson, the student will be able to: -name the 4 types of word parts
-define commonly used word parts utilized in the formation of medical words -identify the meaning of unfamiliar words using word parts

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Word Parts – The Building Blocks of Medical Terminology

-word parts are put together to form medical terms
-there are 4 types of word parts – word roots, combining forms, suffixes and prefixes -word roots give the essential meaning of the term
-word roots often refer to a body part
-combining forms consist of a root plus a combining vowel allowing a suffix to be added that does not begin with a vowel (note combining vowels can also connect one root to another). -a suffix is a word ending that often indicates either a condition, disease, procedures or disorder -a prefix is always at the beginning of a word and often indicates number, location, time or status

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