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Woman in Black Essay

  • Submitted by: katprater
  • on September 2, 2013
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In the novel, The Woman in Black evil is an important theme. We see how evil is portrayed through setting, characters, plot and descriptive language. Evil is depicted through the setting, place names and weather conditions. The scene is set in the first chapter with the description of the happy, festive meal which had taken place on Christmas Eve at Monk`s Piece. The fact too that the weather had changed (the writer said) from chilling rain and a low mist over the countryside which had lasted all the previous week. The writer shows through descriptive language that there could be no outdoor pursuits while the weather was so bad. Inside the house we have the same dejected melancholy feeling because lamps had to be lit throughout the day, the smell of damp in the rooms, the fires burning low smoking and sputtering. Esme (Arthur`s wife) reacts differently to the weather, she launches into Christmas preparations with a determined cheerful attitude. In the opening, Kipps gives an idea that all is not right in his life and his illnesses are a result of past experiences, which will be told as the story progresses. Fear intermingles with the festivities. Kipps was fearful of his memories, �I was trying to suppress my mounting unease, to hold back the rising flood of memory�. He describes how he would lie awake unable to sleep, sweating and going over and over the events that had taken place. He tells how he has been haunted and how he has suffered for years. He wonders if by writing it all down as a ghost story that perhaps then he can be free of the memory. But he then comes to the conclusion that he should keep it to himself and prays for strength, peace of mind and a blessing upon his family. He realises that for the moment he is in control of his emotions but that it won`t last �for, although I was in control of my emotions now, I dreaded the hours of darkness that lay ahead�. (p.23). Kipps tells how prayer helps him to come to terms with what has happened to him, �As...

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