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Wk 1 Dq 1& 2 Essay

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  • on September 1, 2013
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What guidelines should be applied to the evaluation of psychological research and practices? What ethical dilemmas might arise in psychological research and how might they be avoided?
Guidelines were set forth and applied to the evaluation of the research and practices of psychology to establish values, maintain moral boundaries for the respect of the person’s rights and dignity, and analyze the specific needs based on the client. Every client has different needs and by identifying the circumstances and it should be an essential guideline to make the necessary adjustments when performing psychological research and practices. Making adjustments to the client’s needs should also configure in with the guidelines, rules and the law. The American Psychological Association's (APA) code of ethics indicates principles for maintaining the well-being of an individual. It also respects the individual’s dignity as well as their rights. A psychologist may face an ethical dilemma that will make them feel conflicted in certain cases. For example, a patient who admits an act of violence inflicted on someone or committed a violent crime, which involves an issue of actual or potential risks to someone. A psychologist cannot break the confidentiality of the client-therapist confidentiality agreement. In such cases, the APA outlined exceptions to the client-therapist confidentiality rule. A therapist can report such acts of violence to proper law enforcement. According to the APA’s Code of Ethics “a psychologist/therapist has the duty to protect their clients from injuring themselves or hurting others”. It also states that they should let their clients know that in the event there is a discussion of some act of violence   or inflicting injury on the client themselves or other people; the therapist has the right to report such discussions to the law enforcement.

How do you see psychology linked to the process of education? How can it be used to improve education?  
Psychology is...

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