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Why the Initial Consultation so Important” Essay

  • Submitted by: happyheppy
  • on February 26, 2014
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“Why the initial consultation so important”? What factors will an ethical therapist cover at this time?
In this essay I will be discussing what the ethical obligations are of therapists and why the initial consultation is so important and what information is gain from that first meeting.
Hypnotherapy a practical handbook page 59 talks about the initial consultation as an assessment interview to seek to satisfy ourselves that the problem the patient presents is within our professional competence, the next point is to clarify what manner or type of hypnotherapy is appropriate, this is indicated by the nature and origin of the disorder, the personality of the patient, his personal resources, emotional strength and resilience, and his personal and social framework.
In other words it is determined by the client as a whole, there personality, there belief systems. The initial consultation determines if there will be a rapour between client and therapist and determines if treatment will be successful
This is the time where therapist and client decide it they can work with each other, if personalities will match in order for successful treatment to take place. The therapist is able to assess the client’s suitability for our expertise. At this time a clients preferred modalities should become evident and the type of induction evident. A free consultation may be offered initially to allow for the information gaining process of the client to begin.
When getting to know each client it is important to remember that each client has their own belief systems, from birth our subconscious mind is already working, it has survival instincts etched into it, when our conscious mind starts to develop later, pathways of experiences are made in our brains which continue to expand the more experiences we have which create our belief systems. We experience something and it is stored. For example if you were told when you were younger that you were stupid, ugly, that stays with us and...

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