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Why Industrial Revolution Began in Britain? Essay

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  • on February 26, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Why Industrial Revolution Began in Britain?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The Industrial Revolution began in the middle 1700’s in the lowland parts of eastern England and southern Scotland. However, there are so many factors which led to the industrial revolution occurred first in Great Britain, and these includes; British’s geographic advantages, Agricultural Revolution, commercial revolution, abundant natural resources, a good banking system and political stability. Thus, this essay is going to give factors which explain why the industrial revolution first occurred in Great Britain.
The term industrial revolution has been coiled from two words industry and revolution. Industry is defined as the “manufacture productive institutions and their general activities” and “revolution suggest an over whelming and rapid change. It also implies a once and for all occurrence rather than a continuing process.”1 Thus, industrial revolution is a “period of increase output of goods made by machines and new inventions.”2
It is worthy noticing that the Great Britain had already undergone the Agriculture Revolution. The industrial revolution might have not taken without the dramatic improvement in farming that began in the early 1700’s.3 However, there were four noticeable features of the British agrarian revolution. First of all it involved farming in large-scale. Secondly it involved the extension of arable farming over heaths and commons and the adoption of intensive livestock husbandry. Thirdly it involved the transformation of the village community of (largely) self-subsistent peasants into a community of agricultural labourers whose basic standards of living came to depend more on the conditions of national and international markets than on the state of the weather. Fourthly it involved a large increase in agricultural productivity, that is, in the volume of output produced per unit of the full-time labour force in agriculture.4
Therefore, these characteristics developed gradually over a long period of time and had brought a lot of innovation...

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