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Why I Need Sampling Essay

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  • on March 24, 2014
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What is sampling and why do we need it?   Clarifying the questions

Sampling is necessary in order to avoid bias in impact assessment. Many evaluations and even research projects commonly suffer from a number of biases which reduce investigation to 'development tourism' (building on Chambers 1997):

spatial bias: urban, tarmac and roadside where only those who are easily accessible to vehicles are interviewed
professional and project bias: where only direct primary stakeholders are interviewed
person bias: whereby articulate elites, men, direct users of services or technology and those who are ‘active, present and living’ are the only people interviewed or are over-represented relative to their numerical strength
temporal bias: where only the situation in dry and reasonably cool seasons is captured
diplomatic bias: where only superficial and non-sensitive questions are asked, particularly of those who are most disadvantaged
language and conceptual bias: where only those who speak majority languages are interviewed (or even only those who speak European lingua franca) and/or those who are articulate and already familiar with the specific concepts under investigation

Key dimensions of poverty are ignored:

the most remote communities
those excluded from projects
the poorest and most disadvantaged people, women, children and old people
those who may have died, become disabled or been forced to migrate as a result of particular policies
problems in rainy or very hot seasons which are also often the most difficult for very poor people, times of low employment, difficult communications and high incidence of disease
those who speak minority languages and/or have not attended the right training courses or educational establishments

Even if very poor people are interviewed, sensitive and difficult questions may not have been asked systematically or in the...

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