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Why Didn’t We Know Essay

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Assignment 1 – “Why Didn’t We Know”

Nowadays, employees can be considered as one the major force of a company. They are those who help to build the company’s reputation, it is their job to ensure the company’s success, therefore it is very important to keep them satisfy. A recent statistic shows that an American worker has an average of eight jobs in his career (Rudman 2003). This stat demonstrates how it is difficult to retain one of the major forces of a business. In this essay, an analysis of a case study is made. The case includes at first, a discussion between Chip Brownlee and Arch carter; the CEO and lead director of Galvatrens respectively. During this conversation they discussed about a lawsuit that a former employee sent to the company for being wrongly terminated. Moreover in the case study, after investigation the board of Galvatrens and their CEO made a meeting in order to tackle the problems and know what really happened. In this essay, it will be explain the main ethical dilemmas found in the case study, then according to those dilemmas a comparison will be made between utilitarian, libertarian, deontological and virtue ethics perspectives. Finally, as a form of recommendation an ethical perspective will be used to be the best solution to solve the dilemma.

One of the first ethical dilemmas is about the non-respect of Galvatrens suited behaviours. Greg Wilson a former divisional sales manager has started an unethical channel stuffing scheme to make his sales look better. All this was discovered by Mike Fields who acts as a whistle blower in this case. A whistle blower can be described as someone who denounces unethical or even illegal actions in an organisation where he or she works and can also be called as the snake (Alford 2007). Mike came across a plan devised by Greg Wilson to some big customers of the company in order for him to make his sales target and get bonuses. In other words, Greg Wilson was selling or making arrangement without...

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