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Why Cmos Must Change Their Plans for Facebook Essay

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Why CMOs Must Change Their Plans For Facebook
By: David Serfaty
Publication: Forbes, 3/11/2014, volume & page #: N/A
Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/onmarketing/2014/03/11/why-cmos-must-change-their-plans-for-facebook/

The article talks about how Facebook has changed their ways of advertising and chief marketing officers have to change their advertisements in order to generate any “likes or sales from it. Facebook used to have advertising that people would purchase right away and be put on the Facebook wall on a computer on the right side of the screen. Now, advertising is leaned more towards performance-based advertising in which the purchaser pays only when there are measurable results. According to the IAB, 66% of all online advertising spent in the United States goes toward performance-based advertising. The article states that “Marketers need to understand that the long-term benefit of advertising on Facebook isn’t purely brand awareness and affinity. It is awareness and affinity plus actual sales.”
In today’s society people spend more time on their phones than on computers getting on social media sites, including Facebook. That article asserts that chief marketing officers should follow the approach known as mobile-first mentality and operation. David Serfaty wrote that fifty-three percent of Facebook’s revenue now comes from mobile, compared to just 14 percent in 2012 and more than 500 million users access the social network daily via a mobile or tablet device. The way that they are doing that is posting “suggested page” or “suggested post” directly in your news feed according to your profile or things that you may have “liked” on Facebook.
Also, on Facebook there is a Custom Audience tool that helps advertisers to find their main audiences through pages and buyer stages certain users have reached. They go after those users and place a targeted message in their news feed, based on which pages they may have visited. For instance if someone...

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