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Why Are Prisons Full of Minorities? Essay

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  • on September 2, 2013
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Why are Prisons full of Minorities?
Michelle Mendoza
ENG 122: English Composition II
Rose Bunch
June 23, 2013

Prisons are a place where criminals are held for crimes they have committed.   This may be from murders to drug dealers, and embezzlers to child molesters.   Criminals come in all races and male or female.   A minor crime such as eating a grape in the grocery store off of the produce shelf, littering, j-walking, or driving with no seatbelt are done on a daily basis by many people.   It is depending on the color of a person’s skin or the kind of police the person gets on how they are going to be treated for the crime they have committed.   Any of the minor crimes above may not give you jail time, but the cost of the citation will be a problem for some people depending on their circumstances.   This could be the reason why the prison systems are full of minorities.   Even though poor people, whom are charged with a crime, have the right to a lawyer, the judicial system discriminates on ethnic and racial origin.   Criminals with more money get reduced disposition than criminals with no money, politics and the media play a big part in how minorities are viewed as a threat, and Police conduct racial profiling.
First, the judicial system discriminates on ethnic and racial origin because criminals with more money get reduced disposition than criminals with no money.   Criminals whom have private higher paid attorneys get represented with the criminal’s best interest at heart. Why? Because they are getting paid the rates they want and they are hired to get the criminal the lesser charge as possible.   While the criminals with a public defender, because they cannot afford a private attorney just get represented because they have to.   “Most people agreed that ‘it would be easy to get a lawyer if I needed one,’ while at the same time expressing the view that ‘it costs too much to go to court’ and ‘it takes courts too long’ to do their job” (Greenhouse, 1999).   It may...

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