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When i Smell Essay

  • Submitted by: wanabecool
  • on March 17, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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When I smell the ocean, it reminds me of times when I’m at the beach or on the boat. I remember when I went to Haiti and was fishing with my dad and brothers. We went to the middle of the ocean with a couple of jet-skis and a 30 foot boat around seven in the morning. And for about five or six hours we fished and conversed. This was when we all had serious bonding time talking about sports, girlfriends, and just girls in general. Soon after this, it became very hot and the jet-skis were the remedy we needed to cool down. Riding around and doing tricks seemed like such a great idea. The waves were growing, but not so much that it would have interrupted our rides. I remember I was first to go on one of the jet-skis along with my brother Habby on the other. After riding around and doing 360’s and other tricks, we had a little race around some rocks and various obstacles, we had equally powerful engines, so it was really a drivers race. Who ever knew how to handle the vehicles better, would obviously win. We began the five turn race and I immediately hit a wave that slowed me down. As my brother rid away laughing, I pushed the jet-ski to full throttle and tried catching up. Through the first and second turns I was about a second behind him, feeling every bit of spray his jet-ski threw at me. I realized that the ocean was getting more and more choppy so I kept my weight toward the back so I could keep the jet-ski in the water, something my brother didn’t seem to know. As I slowly caught up through the third and fourth turns, my brother cuts in front of me trying to make me lose track of where I was on the course. When I saw the fifth turn coming up, I realized the only way to win this race was to cut him from the inside. Seeing that I was so close to him that I could touch the tail of his jet-ski, I thought he wouldn’t try to block it off. We entered the last turn and realized I was wrong! The idiot swayed to the left to cut me off. Seeing this, I slowed down for a...

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