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When Enimies Come Together Essay

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Below is an essay on "When Enimies Come Together" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Manny Menocal                                                                                                                                     date: 5-1-2013          
When Enemies Come Together

On a normal day in Miami, Florida everything was going well, civilians using there smart phones, on their laptops and using everyday technology. Until one day two enemies who despise themselves bump in to each other and their names were Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Steve Jobs was well known because he was the creator of the company APPLE, and Bill Gates was known as the creator of Microsoft.But what nobody knows is that they will come together and make an evil plan to take over the technology in the world. So the two creators come together and make all of their technologies come to life. But what was unique about these technologies is that they talk. Instead of a human being able to command now with a touch of these human-like technologies we all are being commanded by the technologies like laptops, and smart phones.But what their goal is to take over the world.

Now what everybody was asking is “is the world being token over or is it just the beginning? Well that is still to be unknown “. Can anyone help the world? Is there a hero? Well the answer to that question is yes. Therefore, there is only one person who anyone can call and his name is Manny Menocal. But is he ready for the job. Nobody really noticed Manny they only call him when he needs help. The last time they called Manny was when they were being attacked by aliens about 20 years ago. But he what he hated most about it is that they didn’t even thank him.   One question is on his mind. Should he help these civilians? Does the world really need him? He looks out in the window of the cabin to see the streets of New York. His mouth opened in disbelief. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The world was being taken over. There’s technology like cars airplanes, drones just bombing the whole city with their...

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