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What Price? Plastic Essay

  • Submitted by: Firewiz105
  • on March 24, 2014
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What Price: Plastic?

Mankind uses plastic for many purposes. It comes in many forms and textures. This breakthrough in technology has made the American way of life one of ease and convenience. From plastic ware and plates, to food packaging and car parts, plastic is involved with just about everything we can think of. There are probably many good things we can think about plastic, unfortunately, there are just as many, or more, bad things we should know about it too. My research question of "How worried should we be about plastic?" Will lead to research that will address the positive attributes, and negative issues associated with plastic that most consumers never even think about, for example, plastics impact on marine life and the oceans. And how it does not disintegrate, remaining for centuries in the ground releasing toxins into the soil impacting the environment. Perhaps it is more of a passing thought about the negative impact of plastic, but, perhaps consumers have become so accustomed to plastic in their lives that it would be a great inconvenience to do without it. The truth is, our conveniences of today where plastic is concerned, will serve to create a downfall for the future.
Plastic has become an economical staple in Americans lives. Whether we realize it or not we have become accustomed to using plastic and depend on it for the most part on a daily basis. At home it is used in the form of food storage bags, tupperware, bowls, plates, cups, plastic ware, shower curtains, dog kennels, laundry baskets, utility carts, hangers, toys, lotion bottles, shampoo bottles, swing sets, and trash receptacles. In the grocery stores plastic is used in the packaging of foods, such as water bottles, carbonated drink bottles, milk, creamers, yogurt's, pudding, bread, salad dressings, mayonnaise, ketchup, and meats, just to name a few.
Manufacturing plants that produce plastic and its components use engineering such as plastic injection mold machines in producing...

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