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What Makes Business Communication a Success Essay

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Below is an essay on "What Makes Business Communication a Success" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Effective communication is a fundamental characteristic of a successful business and a positive, active approach to it has the power of building invaluable relationships with the media and, through it, with its clients. It is an art that is mostly learnt through the school of experience, but once correctly applied, it can build bridges that last forever, instead of defensive barriers (Haywood, 2002).
Taking advantage of the benefits brought by using media coverage to transmit a company's message on TV, radio or in the press has proved to be a successful tool for many businesses. As Wragg, Theaker, & Bland (2005) state, the true purpose of media relations is to improve the reputation of an organization, inform the target audiences and influence their attitudes. Moreover, media can reach a large spectrum of audiences and the public's conception of media's impartiality increases the credibility of the message. Therefore, establishing solid and honest media relations and having journalists cooperate in managing a company's reputation is not an easy task, nor one to be ignored, but a vital one, especially for the idea of 'free' publicity it provides.
On the other hand, journalists possess full control over the content they publish and they cannot be obliged to reproduce the material in the same way it was supplied, nor from the same point of view. For this reason, public relations practitioners have to make sure that the appearance of the message on the screen, radio or in the press will project the most favourable image of the company, taking into account that everything that is being said can be used against it. Consequently, the message should be clear, defining comprehensible key messages, newsworthy and complete, without leaving any obvious questions unanswered. In order to create a positive relationship with the media, based on trust and respect, it is important for PR practitioners to be proactive, initiating contact with journalists to inform them about key...

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