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What Makes a Good Marriage Essay

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  • on March 27, 2014
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Making a good marriage takes work. Right after a couple gets married, the couple will often feel like their marriage will never have any problems. They think that they will love each other for the rest of their life, that they will have a good marriage forever. However, as many married couples discover, having a good marriage does take work. In addition to have a good marriage couples must also have important characteristics. These characteristics such as love, communication and spending time together. These three characteristics are like the building blocks of a marriage.
Marriage is all started with one thing, and that thing is love. It’s because how can you marry someone if you don’t feel love. There are a variety of other general characteristics of a good marriage. Just like when I see other married couples, you can see that they respect each other’s boundaries and privacy. You can see that its just the simple things that really make a marriage.
The story “I Had A Bad Marriage” shows how sometimes a marriage could just fail. In this story you could also see where the people go wrong and how they did just have bad characteristics of a marriage. The man in “I Had A Bad Marriage” says that it was a result of bad childhood programing to not know how to have a good marriage.(I Had A Bad Marriage). Many people just don’t ever commit fully to a marriage. In a marriage a person needs to put a 100% into honesty, respect, and affection. Also a marriage doesn’t just take one person put it definitely takes two people to make a good marriage. I have experienced an older person that was married for 62 years. I was in shock to hear that this man has been married to his wife for 62 years. This man told me how to have a marriage for 62 years. The man said get married and just try it and make it work for 60 years and then after that if you still don’t like each other than just say oh well it looks like its just not going to work out.
In the story “I am Married”   the two...

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