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What Is Meant By “Human Security”? Assess The Cont Essay

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  • on March 19, 2012
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Below is an essay on "What Is Meant By “Human Security”? Assess The Cont" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

What is meant by “Human Security”? Assess the contribution of the concept to the contemporary security agenda.

Human security is a relatively new addition to the security agenda. The idea of human security was first put forward in the 1994 Human Development Report by the United Nations Development Program. The report went against the classic state centric approach to security, saying that security has “For too long been interpreted narrowly: as security of territory from external aggression, or as protection of national interests in foreign policy or as global security from nuclear holocaust. It has been related more to nation states than to people” (United Nations Development Programme, 1994) The report then goes on to briefly identify some of the core elements that make up human security. “For most people today, a feeling of insecurity arises more from worries about daily life than from the dread of a cataclysmic world event. Job security, income security, health security, environmental security, security from crime - these are the emerging concerns of human security all over the world.” (United Nations Development Programme, 1994) The United Nations are trying to show how human security is a very personal concept as it deals with the life needs of the individual as these insecurities are far more likely to affect people than the threat of an interstate war. This approach to human security, although the first fully realised expression of it, is not the definitive concept. Since the report’s release in 1994 two distinct concepts of what human security should be defined as have arisen, the narrow school and the broad school, while both argue that the referent object, the item which should be protected, of security studies should be the individual person not as it was generally considered before, the nation state.

The narrow school makes the argument that the threat of political violence to people should be the only focus of human security. This violence can...

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