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What Is Family Essay

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  • on June 25, 2014
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(What is Family?)
  Family in many ways is like a rock; when a rock is in water it will sink, and when a family member is in a big crisis the rest of the family tends to sink as well. Family is one of the most important things in a person life, but family could also weigh you down. The readers see this reoccurring theme of Family in Betty Smith’s book A Tree grows In Brooklynn, and Wes Moore’s book Other Wes Moore with Family being supportive, Family being influential, and Family being Appreciative are three major qualities of family.
Family is supposed to have the system of support and we see this system play out in both books.   An illustration of this would be when Katie had just given birth to Francine and was seeking advice in how she would raise the child and asked her mother Mary, she said to Katie “The secret lies in the reading and Writing. You are able to read. Every day you must read one page from some good book to your child. Every day this must be until the child learns to read” (Smith 83). This is just one out of many ways the characters in this book show a system of support is much needed. Another example of Family being supportive would be in other Wes Moore how author Wes’s mom supports him by giving him a second chance at life, by sending him to military school. She and his family sacrificed everything for him so he wouldn’t fall in the wrong path. His mother had written every friend and family member she had to ask for money, and his grandparents had given up all of their money, in order to send him to Military school. Moore states “ My grandparents took the money they had In the home in the Bronx, decades of savings and mortgage payments, and gave it to my mother so that she could pay for my first year if military school” (Moore96).
In addition to being supportive, Family is very influential, they try their best to be a good role model for their kids. Katie Nolan is a perfect example of this. Katie does her best to be someone her kids can look...

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