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What Is Art? Essay

  • Submitted by: luke3548
  • on August 30, 2013
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English- What is Art?

I don’t believe that there is a definition of art. Art covers such a vast range of things that, any definition would restrict an aspect of it. Some people think that art means skill, however, some people would argue that it includes anything that has been created by an artist. I disagree with this as what ever is used to define an artwork will always be opposed, as there is always a piece of unusual and unique artwork that goes against certain classifications.
You could say that art is decided by the individual. If it contributes to your experience, then it is probably art for you. You must admit that every person has an individual response to a piece of artwork, which is determined by thoughts and personal experiences. It is therefore very difficult to supply a defenition that complies with all of the world’s thoughts and feelings.
Some people believe that anything and everything can be art, while others deem that it takes talent, creativity and a sense of uniqueness to construct true art. I believe that anything can be a piece of artwork, and doesn’t need a specification to be declared as artwork. Art is what it means to you, what you want it to mean to you, and what it can mean to you. There is no right and wrong opinion on what artwork is. A civil engineer may see a bridge or skyscraper as a piece of art, while a fashion designer views his or her clothing line as artwork. You could say that an artist could be anyone who can turn imagination into reality.

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