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What Does a Communication Technician Dote Essay

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Telecommunication Traineeship
Service Delivery

What does a Communication Technician Do?

Telstra’s Service Delivery – Install and Maintenance, you will be working within the fixed copper network.
This role is predominately installing telecommunication services, location and repair of network faults and maintaining the existing network that provides services to residential, business and government customers.
You will be trained in:

Installing services - such as a fixed phones, ADSL modems and routers, payphones, various business services to Telstra customer
Maintaining services - The maintenance and repair of the existing underground and overhead cable that deliver services to Telstra Customers
Fault Location & Repair - Using test equipment to locate and rectify network faults anywhere from within the telephone exchange, underground and overhead cable via street network, and within the customer premises.
Equipment - Trained in all types of equipment, which will include OH&S equipment, hand and power tools, vehicle driving, electronic test equipment, and internal Telstra systems using a laptop computer.

In the diagram below, the telephone cable runs from the telephone exchange, through the streets and suburbs and ends up at the customer’s house, where they can access the internet and talk on the phone. The cable runs via various fixed infrastructure such as underground conduit, pillars, telephone poles and pits.
What Training will I get?

Off the Job Training
You will be required to attend Qualification Based Training which is delivered in “ classroom blocks” twice a year, for a period of 3 weeks each time
2 weeks of Telstra specific training following from the 3 weeks Qualification Based Training
First block training will be on commencement – prior to commencing in the field
Second block of training will be approximately 6 months later
Training will take place in a central location
Travelling to and from the training venue, and...

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