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Well Known Uzbek Traditions and Customs Essay

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  • on June 24, 2014
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Well known Uzbek Traditions and Customs

Customs and traditions of the Uzbek people have been forming for centuries. They are very distinctive, impressive and different, dating back to different epochs and religions. Initial formation of Uzbek culture dates back to the 6th-7th centuries BC, by that time nomadic tribes shifted to a settled way of life in the valleys of Amu Darya, Syr Darya and Zarafshan and founded first states. Former nomads founded settlements and cities, bringing with them customs and traditions based on ancient cults of their ancestors. Territory of modern Uzbekistan, Transoxiana, being parts of ancient states – Khorezm, Sogdiana, Bactria - became the basis for formation of culture, which subsequently became the basis of Uzbek culture.
Over centuries, traditions and customs of Uzbek people remained almost unchanged despite the desire of many invaders to impose alien culture on. The Arabs had the greatest influence on Uzbek customs and traditions, through the expansion of Islam throughout Central Asia. Islam traditions were closely intertwined with pre-Islamic beliefs and traditions, local culture, and firmly settled in the mode and minds of the Uzbek people.
Centuries-old customs and traditions of the Uzbek people are carefully maintained and passed on from generation to generation. Like many Asian nations, most festive Uzbek customs are related with major family celebrations: wedding and birth. These events include many rites and rituals, involving parents, children, brothers, sisters, immediate and remote relatives even neighbors and guests, ach one has its own role. Uzbek traditions are based on hospitality, respect for elders, collectivism, manifested especially vividly in makhallas (Uzbek residential quarters) – repository of age-old national basis.
This ancient ceremony has been preserved in Uzbekistan culture from times immemorial and still is one of the most popular holidays in Uzbekistan. For every family it is a great...

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