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Welding Essay

  • Submitted by: jlpace16wm
  • on August 31, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Welding" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

This essay is about how welding is important to the world. It will tell how that welding is important to everyday life and how it may effect the reader indirectly. The essay will show the reader that it plays a big roll in our government.
Welding has a very big big impact in the world. Without welding we would not have heavy machinery such as bulldozers, dumptrucks, crains, ect. Without welding if some thing broke that was made of metal people could not fix it the right way unless there was a welder. If something like a bushhog broke people could not fix it unless there was a welder. Many thing that we use every day is made of metal. Therefore somebody had to of welded on it somewhere. Things like cars, sheds, trailers, ect. are all made of metal and had to be welded. Things for decorations such as wrought iron, patio table and umbrella, stands for the pot plants, ect. There are many thing that are welded that we do not think such as megahotels, fencing, volts, ect. There are big things that we dont think of like bridges, airplanes, barges, ect. We also use welding in self defence like guns, tanks, and battleships,ect. We use welding in the oilfield like welding pipes, and the platforms that they work off of, the derick, ect. There are many things that people take for grantanted like entertainment/enjoyment thing like boats, horse shoes, and trampoline are all welded and are not even thought about very much. The world without welders would be a very dull place to live.
Welding plays a big roll in the econmy beauce there is always somethng to weld. Even though people say that doctors make the most money it is welder and the construction idustry that helps the econmy the most. there alway houses , bridges, and skyscrapers to be built.

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