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Week 7 Assignment Essay

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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Results Reporter
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O u t o f 1 0 q u e s t i o n s , y o u a n s w e r e d 9 c o r r e c t l yw i t h a f i n a l g r a d e o f 9 0 o l o 9 correct (90Vo) l i n c o r r e c t( 1 0 % ) 0 unanswered (0olo)

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Your Resuhs:
The correct answer for each question is indicatqd by a ,.1 : V The net present value method takes into account: OA) O e) O C; OD) the cash flow overthe life of the project and the time value of money. th" cash flow over the life of the project but not the time value of money. tne time value of money but not the cash flow over the life of the project. neitherthe cash flow overthe life of the project northe time value of money. (Learning obiective 1)l method, the present value of a project's cash inflows is compared to the present value of the As such, not only does the net present value method take into account the cash flow of a project the time value of money.

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Feedback: The correct answer is A Under the present value project's cash outflows. over its life, it considers i

An lncrease in the discount rate will: O A; O e; O C; d @ o) compensate for reduced risk. have no effect on net present value. increasethe present value offuture cash flows. reduce the present value of future cash flows.

Feedback: The correct answer is D (Learning obiective 1): The present value of a future cash flow is determined by multiplying the future cash flow by a present value factor. The present value factor can be calculated by reference to a present value table; the discount rate and the period in the future in whlch the cash flow will occur determines the present value...

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