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Week 4 Project Plan

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Electrical Substation
Project Plan
Class Project Part 1
PM 592 Section - Online
September 26, 2010

Table of Contents
1. Introduction 3
2. Customer Deliverables – Scope 3
2.1 Project Objective Statement 3
2.2 Project Success Criteria 3
3. Integrated Plan 4
3.1 Project Organization 4
3.2 Roles & Responsibilities 4
3.3 Responsibility Action Matrix (RAM) 4
3.4 Project WBS, Project Schedule, Resources and Milestones 6
3.4.1 Work Breakdown Structure 7
3.4.2 Project Schedule 8
3.4.3 Gantt chart 9
3.5 Project Costs 11
3.5.1 Initial costs 11
3.5.2 Net Present Value 11
3.6 Dependencies, Constraints, Assumptions, Exclusions 12
3.6.1 Constraints 12
3.6.2 Dependencies 12
3.6.3 Assumptions 12
3.6.4 Exclusions 12
4. Estimating 12
4.1 Estimates 12
4.2 Contingency Estimates 13

Executive Summary
Mark Electric Company of Brooklyn, New York is submitting this proposal for the design and installation of the substation required by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) to support the general contractor, Shea Construction, as they perform the operation of tunnel boring two tunnels under Manhattan for the extension of the #7 Line subway.   The project incorporates six Consolidated Edison (ConEd) 13.8KV feeders through 3 manholes to feed six unified high voltage switchgear segments.
The timely completion of this project is critical to the future reconstruction of the west side of Manhattan.   The cost of the project is $13,717,807 which is a reasonable price to cover the cost of highly trained unionized labor and an aesthetically constructed building to house the electrical equipment to provide the power needed to energize the boring machinery.   The estimated time to complete the project is 48 weeks.   This aggressive schedule will require the electricians on this project to work extended hours to meet the deadline of September 1, 2011.
The expected revenue generated from this project is most optimistically $4,000,000.   We foresee...

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