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Week 4: Computer Architecture Essay

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Week 4: Computer Architecture
CIS-106 Intro to Info Technology

Computer architecture and its history are important to understanding how computers work.   The basic building block to today’s modern day computers is the Von Neumann architecture.   There are different types of functions within the Von Neumann architecture that have helped create an efficient design and allow computers to perform multiple functions rather than being used for one specific purpose.   The Von Neumann model uses memory, system buses, and Boolean operators to communicate programs and perform functions.
Week 4: Computer Architecture
A computer is an electronic device that operates under the control of instructions that are stored in memory.   The concept of storing memory or instructions within the computer came from John Von Neumann.   Von Neumann architecture is best described as a stored program design.   A stored program design means that the program that operates the computer and the instructions that carry out the program are stored on the computer in one location called memory.   By having a stored program design, the computer doesn’t have to go through a rigorous process to be reprogrammed, or to perform multiple functions.   The basic design of today’s computers is founded on the architecture of Von Neumann, which can be referred to as the “fetch-execute cycle”.   The Von Neumann model consists of five major components that work together to make the computer perform.   There is an area for memory to be held and processed; today we know this as Random Access Memory (RAM).   There is a control unit, which manages the process of moving data and programs into and out of the memory, and also executes the programs instructions, one by one.   There is an input and output which is the computers connection to the user.   The arithmetic logic unit is responsible for carrying out calculations or instructions.   Another important concept of the Von Neumann architecture is the bus, which is a...

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