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Week 4 Essay

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Organizational Structure Paper
Curtis Menezes
January 17, 2013
Mark Gordon

Organizational Structure Paper
While working for Costco Wholesale, two separate organizational structures come to mind.   The matrix structure   is commonly used   for employee's that work on the floor and stock all of the products that Costco sales.   The functional structure is more commonly used everywhere else in the warehouse.   The warehouse manager put both of these structures in place because there is so many different jobs that need to get done in a certain amount of time.
The matrix structure is quite easy to get used to.   A chain of command would be the best way to describe this structure.   Each area on the warehouse floor has a manager to oversee the employee's and the work that they are doing.   Above those managers is the merchandising manager, who is in charge of the entire warehouse sales floor.   The matrix structure is the only structure that makes sense in this type of work environment.   The Functional structure that is used in Costco   is used by the area's with specific requirements to do those jobs.   Fork lift drivers and cashiers get paid extra money because their jobs require certifications and more skill than the labor jobs on the floor.   But because this structure is used, there is a lack of communication between cashiers and drivers, and the management.   The matrix structure would probably work well in entire warehouse, and it is possible that it will switch to that soon because of the communication issues.   Another structure that can be looked at is the divisional structure,   the divisional structure is used to separate items that are alike, and have employee's that are experts in those areas.   The problem with using the divisional structure at Costco is the large amount of different products.   There is not enough employee's to be delegated to that small of and area.
Organizational functions have a large impact on the structures that are used at Costco....

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