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Week 2 for Presention, from Ingrid Essay

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Biological and Humanistic Approaches to Personality
Ingrid Rhody

July 24, 2012
Michele Montgomery

Biological and Humanistic Approaches to Personality

This essay will cover the Maslow's hierarchy that influences people's personality.   I will discuss the Maslow's theory and biological factors that impacts our personality.     There are several keys describing the need to achieve self-actualization.   Psychoanalysis today continues   to defined personality and justify individual behavior.   Many of those theories help us to understand our true identity.     Since the beginning of time our parents have influenced our personality.   In Chapter five touches on definite inherent disposition and abilities in people.   Next is Chapter nine summaries the humanism movement and personal significance of the individual.

Maslow discovered that we have two organism   category needs. One is deficiency or "D" needs that break down our biological necessities (Schustack & Friedman, 2012).   The first need is physiological for necessities such as water, food, sex, and shelter (Schustack & Friedman, 2012).   Our second need is safety for a sensible world (Schustack & Friedman, 2012).   The third need is belonging and love which involves a relationship with other people (Schustack & Friedman, 2012).   Fourth esteem need is seeking respect of others and ourselves (Schustack & Friedman, 2012).   The second organism need would be for the state of being or "B" needs (Schustack & Friedman, 2012)   .   This is to satisfy our search for love, food, safety, and self esteem.   The hierarchy was formed by these needs in order to achieve a self-actualization level.   A person needs to fill the lower level first before achieving the higher level that consist of being at peace with yourself (Duncan, 2008).     Maslow's theories serve as cornerstone for many psychology in the second half of the 20th century (Duncan, 2008).   Many of Maslow's theories provide us with an...

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