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Week 2 Assignment: Senior Project Essay

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Week 2 Assignment

1. The most important issue that needs to be resolved is the lack of communication between Nick and Warren. I think that this can easily be resolved on Nick’s part by making sure that all of his team members are on the same page with a weekly meeting. I think that by making sure that the team has effective communication it will be easier to get over some of the other obstacles that have come to the surface from the communication errors on Nick’s part.

2. The second most important issue that needs to be resolved is the lack of a SWOT analysis in order to develop a strategic plan. A SWOT analysis is done so that a company can identify what its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats are. By CanGo conducting this analysis, it can identify what strengths it has and what opportunities it is ready to exploit. This analysis can also point out weaknesses in the business and show what type of business opportunities it should avoid. I recommend that Liz and her upper management team meet and have a discussion and write down in each category of the SWOT analysis some bullet points that will help complete the analysis and help complete CanGo’s strategic plan.   Although they did throw out ideas on what can possibly be issues for them, Warren was not specific in giving them any type of direction.   The time spent in the meeting was too short for them to even being to put together a list of costs.   I believe new projects should have a more extensive and comprehensive idea of the project which could be found by doing a SWOT analysis.   Once they get the idea of what they are looking for, their meetings will probably be shorter since employees are only giving progress reports on what is being done and what still needs to be done.

3. Another issue is that Nick needs to decide whether to use internal or external support for the software and hardware updates. Both types of support have their advantages.   Keeping it internal will lower the cost for...

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