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Week 2 Essay

  • Submitted by: haejeey
  • on March 17, 2012
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People are easily affected by how society views their style, behaviors, beauty, fashion, or even characteristics. They try to be the ideal figure and want to be the best within the society. Although The Birthmark was written around 70 years ago, the belief of being perfect that appears in the story still applies to the 21st century and maybe even more so than before since people interact with each other globally nowadays.
Before, the birthmark had an impression of a fairy’s endowment to Georgiana. However, because of Alymer’s negative reaction to her birthmark, Georgiana began to see this special birthmark as something horrible. Alymer’s egocentricity corresponds with the view of the society. As you can see, later on it is Georigiana, rather than Alymer, who is eager to get rid of it.
In general, there are certain standards for everything we have or do in life that are set by ourselves. However, when we experience a deficiency or lack the ability to meet that standard, we can become obsessed with other people’s opinions and try to fix it by achieving what other people think as the best in order to fit into society. The ending of this story, where Georgiana chooses to die rather than to live with the imperfection and tells Alymer not to repent, depicts this view.
I’m not saying that we should stop improving ourselves because this sometimes benefits the whole society, but be able to know the limit before crossing the line. One should want to achieve the highest standard of what he or she thinks the best within the boundary, not because of what other people think is right.

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