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Website Analysis

  • Submitted by: ladyepic
  • on September 1, 2013
  • Category: Arts and Music
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The website has no sense of structure and consistency to it. This has been established throughout the website and exploring the many elements on various pages. The design of this website appears more like a crazy religious cult rather then a professional website design service. The background image features what looks to be warfare showing humans with weapons directed at a single armoured angle. In the starry night Skye is a Jesus like figure looking down on them. The background is clearly a religious or spiritual representation that has nothing to do with website design and it makes no sense at all. Furthermore having too much going on in the background draws attention away from the content and is making the black text difficult to read. When first viewing the website I thought it was all a joke as the website is completely unprofessional and breaks a lot of design rules. It is hard to believe that the person is serious in promoting his website development services. The elements within the website and the overall design makes me wonder about his mental heath.

The big heading “Web Design” Is in an unpleasant white font that clashes with the rest of the page. Below the heading is a random display of the date and time that serves no purpose on a web design promotion website. Ideally the navigation should be centred in order to flow with the header though as it’s to the right and no elements throughout the website line up it lacks structure. The navigation is very simplistic in a plain black text that fades into the dark background. The navigation has no visual effects like hover or selection making it hard to tell what page you are on and if the link goes anywhere. A big header “Awesome Web Sites” written in font almost as large as the header that has bright yellow translucent highlighting that creates a tacky cheap effect that stands out from the rest of the page. Directly below the sub header is information trying to promote the...

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