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Web Services and Its Business Challenges Essay

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Below is an essay on "Web Services and Its Business Challenges" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1. What are the purpose and business value of Web services?

Due to evolving of internet, web site can deliver HTML pages and centralized services to browser. Then, web site become more programmable that directly links to organizations, application, services, and devices with one another. Lastly, this programmable Web sites become more than static accessed sites which turn to reusable, an intelligent Web Services. So, the Web services can be defined as a set of technologies to standardize how applications communicate to each other.

The purpose of web services is by linking to system, business associates and client through network. So, they create open standard protocol to communicate that result on business to business more possible. For example, an organization implementing e-commerce or e-business in real time through internet to expand and set up it place in market. Subsequently, the best way is the use of Web service from organization, which needs grow up and support a place in the business. This is because of the fact that the increasing and advancement of the technology and communication the use of the Web to make business is rising as well. In this way, when any organization applies Web Services, the business value increase because all the profits that carries work on the path to help the organization in its development.

Some of the benefits that increase business value of Web services are availability of services by organization internally or externally to a wide range of platform and client, both increasing income and conveying more value to clients. Specifically, Web Services give potential answer for e-commerce especially in business-to-business (B2B) integration problems existed for years where diverse system is provided contradictory, non-standard interfaces to access the functionality.

Organization can access an expansive number of Web Services provide by third parties to reduce development time and convey more powerful application....

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